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Main Squeeze Juice Co.

Mixed Ability, Beginners classes in Lake Charles, Louisiana, La

Why Exercise with us?

Yoga Y'all for Vinyasa yoga classes, Flow yoga, Slow Flow yoga classes and Yin yoga classes in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

My Yoga classes are a low impact form of exercise, focusing on balance and control. The classes will help you to develop inner strength and improve your well-being.

Each Yoga Class I offer is for people who want to build up their core strength, gain mind and body awareness
... and improve their balance and posture.

I perform Yoga instruction to help with your breathing technique, strengthen core muscles and improve posture in a calm and peaceful environment.

By joining one of my local Yoga Classes you will meet new local people as well as get the opportunity to escape from pressures of home or work.

Find a Yoga class that suits you on my website. To contact me about my classes use the inquiry form against the Yoga class you are interested in.

I will be happy to give you information and advice on the most suitable local yoga class for you. Contact me for advice of my yoga classes in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area.

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